Revel in Martian rhapsody with the Cyrus Klepcys Mars Watch

Want to experience what it feels like to be on planet Mars? So many of us would like to see the red planet’s surface and meet some Martians but obviously the whooping investment required to travel to the planet is a hurdle. Since a trip to Mars is not a possible, you can go for the next viable alternative. If you are that crazy about everything Martian then a good way to placate your mania is to buy Cyrus Klepcys Mars watch.

Cyrus Klepcys Mars

The watch has many awesome features that all Mars fanatics will be fascinated by. On the lower right corner of the watch is a miniature mock-up of the planet. This is not a stationary image but actually a movable depiction that rotates at the same speed as the actual planet. This means that a complete rotation will take about 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds. Read the time in style with the retrograde displays that tell the hours and date, rotating cubes that designate the day/night cycle and cubes at the center that show the minutes as well as seconds.

Moreover, the dial of the watch is real showy and extremely mechanized. There are red accents all over and the numbers are also imprinted in a stark red hue. It holds the image of the famous Martian face that was captured by Viking 1 explorer. The photograph, taken way back in 1976, was actually of the mountain in Cydonia, located in the northern hemisphere of Mars. If you are actually bowled over by now, then you might want to hurry up as only 66 pieces of the watch will be retailed.

This timepiece will be a great gift for guys, no matter what age they are. After all, this planet named after the Roman god of war is interspersed in its own share of sci-fi theories and mystic legends. Although the piece is pricey, you can splurge on it heedlessly as it comes from the reputed Klepcys brand that is actually an alliance between famous watchmaker Jean-François Mojon and Cyrus.

Via: Gizmodo / Unique Watch Guide

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