Revamped design gives Arrowhead Alarm Products a wider reach

The method applied by Arrowhead Alarm Products to upgrade its design without a significant hike in cost is truly ingenious. The New Zealand based company manufactures medical alarms and electronic security systems. In fact, the company that has now formed collaboration with The CROW Group retails a wide array of security products. It looks after the manufacture import as well as distribution of these products.

Medical Alarm

AAP was aiming to alter a few perceptions regarding its products. Firstly, it wanted its products to be known for their dependability and superior quality. It desired to be in the league where its products competed with offerings of large manufacturers. A current problem regarding production volume of their current product range was also to be dealt with. Additionally, it was looking to break through various technological challenges also. The only way to tackle all these hiccups was to adopt quality manufacturing techniques and apply appropriate assembly procedures. Also, the product was in dire need of modern aesthetics.

It thus engaged Procreate to resolve all the hiccups and the savvy company came out with a number of aesthetic as well as mechanical solutions. Firstly, latest manufacturing techniques were applied to bring down manufacturing time and cost. The needs of end users and ergonomics of the product were also kept in mind. A holistic process was implemented that could raise the volume of manufactured units. After getting an overhaul, the new product rolled out consists of a base station and a transmitter. It can be worn as a wrist watch, pendant or broach. In fact, it can even be mounted on the wall as a room located gadget. This new medical alarm has created possibilities of clients in international markets.

Via: Procreate

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