Retro Rubik to replay melodies of yesteryears with a lighting touch

The Rubik’s cube has been a mystery ever since its evolution. How one is able to match the sides all in one go remains to be a well concealed thought which will take ages to be explored. However, the ergonomic design by designer Subinay Malhotra is loosely based on the concept of a Rubik’s cube but with a different functionality.

Retro Rubiks

Subinay has developed his idea as a sofa side lamp, using nothing but reclaimed wood, metal and cassettes. There is a socket which has been fixed for adding your phone. The socket can not only charge your phone, but also play songs through it. The lamp’s upper part can rotate, giving it a very functional yet retro look.

The designer lamp is apt for placing alongside any sofa sets in the living room. Further more, the chic retro look and the reclaimed version of the whole concept is what makes it truly stand out of its own accord. The design is not only very eye appealing, but also incorporates a new concept in its wake. An ideal addition to any person’s home. You have got to try it to believe it. Enjoy the flavor of flowing music through the lamp as it rotates on its internal ball bearings, giving out soulful notes of your favorite numbers.

[Cheers Subinay]

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