Renault Picnic lets you enjoy a social gathering within the urban landscape

renault picnic 1
The Renault Picnic is a zero-emissions vehicle that brings the social gathering to the parked car within the urban landscape. Designed by Gabriel Wartofsky, the city vehicle seeks to augment rather than detract from the health of its surrounding environment. When parked, the Picnic transforms into urban furniture, becoming a social space for people to re-acquaint themselves with the surrounding environment. LED-impregnated, glass-coated polycarbonate windows project customized images when the vehicle is parked, transforming the vehicle into a form of public art. Further, the exterior panels are composed of hemp-based composites and the vehicle is powered by lithium-ion batteries and two rear-mounted in-wheel hub motor, support the environment. In order to reduce cost, complexity and weight, the simple interior is made from modular components, together with four identical soy-foam seats, while an iPod dock replaces most of the functions, including sound system and GPS on the dashboard.

renault picnic 2
renault picnic 3
renault picnic 4
renault picnic 5

[Thanks Gabriel]

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