Renaissance to revive Alpine as a premium brand

alpine renaissance 07

Bringing the Alpine brand back into the limelight, designer Mayeul Walser has come up with an impressive car concept called “Renaissance” that forms a driver’s car with a modern and fluid exterior design. Inspired by the Marque (MkVI), the Alpine Renaissance depicts the vividness of nature as the hood and panoramic windscreen, presenting an S-shaped line flowing down alongside the headlight and into the lower part, flows together in a seamless manner. Comprising two elements (carbon fiber and fiberglass) in its structure, the futuristic car features a carbon fiber chassis, which protruding from the front works as a border for the grille and the sides.

Measuring 4,100 mm (161 inches) in length, 1,200 mm (47 inches) in height of and 1,690 mm (66.5 inches) in width, with the 2,500 mm (98 inches) wheelbase, the Renaissance generates power from a 300 hp (220kW) electric motor. Though, it would be too early to say about the prospect of the car, until it comes into production, but the Renaissance definitely has the oomph and technology to revive the Alpine as a premium brand.

alpine renaissance 01
alpine renaissance 02
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Maymdesign via Diseno-art

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