rEmote is a glowing orb that connects alienated lovers

Phones, messengers and mails are just not emotive enough when you are away from someone you love. Here is a contraption that no one would have thought of creating. This glowing orb actually is a device that helps to connect two long distance lovers. The touching technological innovation is less obtrusive than the other modes of communication available. It helps you convey feelings in an extremely expressive and sensitive way.


The device looks like a glowing orb. More specifically, it assumes the shape of a curvy cube. The display surfaces for sending and receiving information are different and thus keep confusion at bay. The curvy face on the orb holds the output while the planar face functions as the input medium. In fact, the orb assumes the form of a symmetrical grid, which has four equal sized plane surfaces.

The savvy design was conceptualized after intensive research and focus group discussions. The designer chose a shape and color that was emotionally engaging and could set off moods easily. Many features have been added that make this device easy to use. Firstly, you can easily operate it using only one hand. Thus, the device doesn’t wield undue stress on the hand when you use the gizmo.

Furthermore, the orb has an ethereal radiance that makes it look very romantic. It turns every day messaging into a loving and passionate affair. The electric components fitted inside the orb are not very bulky and large. This makes enough space inside the orb thus improvising its lighting effect. In this way, rEmote makes the communication process between separated lovers comforting and reassuring.

Via: Cargo Collective

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