Relive past physiological states with Surround Smell

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Light music and sweet fragrance along with a cuppa, is the perfect way to begin a day at work. While music refreshes our mind, fragrance evokes memories, revitalizing the way we think and enables us to tackle different situations. Keeping in mind the stress and demands of our work life, David Sweeney has popped up with a scent diffuser that relives different physiological situations by defusing related fragrances throughout the day. Dubbed the ‘Surround Smell,’ the diffuser can eject about 16 distinctive yet refreshing scents that are filled in the diffuser by the piezoelectric micro-pumps.

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The Surround Smell not only revives past physiological situations, guiding our future actions, but it also evokes an awareness about the task and situations on hand by creating a constantly adapting smellscape.
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