Refuge Gervasutti: A special cabin for mountain climbers

In the picture above, you are looking at LEAPfactory’s unique mountain cabin. This solar-powered cabin is known as Refuge Gervasutti and has been built in Italy. For now, this tubular cabin has been installed on Mt. Blanc using helicopters. It took just two days to fully install this completely energy-efficient cabin.

Gervasutti Refuge

The designers claim that Refuge Gervasutti has been made of very high-quality materials that do not have any harmful impact on the environment. Moreover, the whole structure including the internal fittings are temporary and can be shifted from one place to other. The main purpose of building this refuge is to create a home for the mountain climbers in the middle of the air. Those people who climb up a height of 9,300 feet can use this cabin as a place to rest for sometime. As it has been claimed to be totally Eco-friendly, its existence is completely safe for the environment.

As LEAP stands for Living, Ecological and Alpine Pods, LEAPfactory especially specializes in building pods. The creation of Refuge Gervasutti has been a great achievement for them. This cabin will prove to be really useful for people who love to climb high mountains. The structure is strong enough because it has been supported by six strong contact points. The total weight of the pod is 5,500 pounds and has an area of 100 square feet, which is big enough to accommodate 12 people. The solar panels have been installed on the roof of the cabin and produce a solar energy of 2.5 Kwh. This energy is sufficient for the cabin and it does not require any other kind of external energy.

The design of Refuge Gervasutti is very impressive. The fact that it has no harmful effect on the surrounding and is totally energy-efficient adds to its credit. More such useful designs should be encouraged in near future.

Via: Inhabitat

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