Redesigned Nestle Chocolate Factory by Michel


Mexican architect Michel Rojkind has redesigned the spaces inside the Nestle chocolate factory to initiate visitors into a chocolaty Nestle experience. This new structure, more of a museum, took an incredible time of just two and a half months to be constructed giving an alarm bell even to the fastest-track building projects in China.

Situated along the main highway into Paseo Tollocan, the entire horizontal structure rests on concrete pillars, raising the structure entirely off the ground. The building comprises of a child-friendly visitor’s reception area, a museum shop, and a theater. Painted in red ribbed steel panels, its curvy and zigzagging frame gives it an unusual caterpillar look which makes it a landmark for tourists arriving to tour the Nestle factory. Well in case you can’t figure out where the factory is, the building funnels directly into where the chocolate is actually made.

Via: Yankodesign

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