Recycling Chair-Sofa to posh up slovenly living rooms

recycling chair sofa

Ever wondered what to do with the messed up home! Boxes, cupboards going out of control! Space reaching out its maximum crying not to bring anymore new furniture home. Tired of cleaning up! Here seems to be a savior for all those who just want something, which can take away the mess at least from the living room. Born out of modular recycled foam, a nontraditional couch dubbed Recycling Chair-Sofa seems to be that solution.

Those scattered magazines, pins and clothes will now get a home into this couch. Flaunting unconventional looks, the chair seems quite unique to style about with its natural foam color. Slender fissures across the couch looks like a rack where things can be squeezed in.

recycling chair sofa 01

In comfort, it is like a cat bed ensuring that relaxed moment we always wanted. Bonanza on this is that the couch can be adjusted or re-framed by a simple cable control framework and can even create wide variety of its version just by adding more panels. Is this not interesting!

recycling chair sofa 02

German industrial designer Stephan Schulz, the father of this invention has in his books few other unique collections as well. You can visit his studio to get more idea or to even order this couch for your living room. However unique this couch be, the functionalities and durability is a real expectation. Hope it meets it all well.

Via: FastCoDesign

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