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With new products flooding the market each day recycling, both in office and at home becomes a necessary headache to reduce carbon footprints left by luxuries of modern lifestyle. Though, I hate to look at the recycling bin I have at home,...

Recycling bin concepts to trash your waste in style


With new products flooding the market each day recycling, both in office and at home becomes a necessary headache to reduce carbon footprints left by luxuries of modern lifestyle. Though, I hate to look at the recycling bin I have at home, considering it just a smelly way of disposing trash. But, there are some folks who have designed really unusual and interesting recycling bin concepts that are not just another way to dispose trash. Instead, they are high-tech, eco-friendly and a beauty to look at.


e bin

Runners-up at “The 4th Bin” design competition; the “e-Bin” by London based designer Baharash Bagherian is a smart, mobile and versatile electronic recycling bin that can be programmed to communicate relevant information with both the user and the recycling company, thanks to the integrated touchscreen technology. Read More

Neo trash bin

neo trash bin

Conceived by Indonesian designer Ingrid Njono, the “Neo” is a recycling bin concept that segregates garbage into four different categories, i.e., recycle, electronic, trash and compost, so it could be recycled without wasting extra time as well as efforts in the separation of different objects trashed in the bin. Read More


panieco concept

Dubbed “BathbinEco²,” the egg shaped or oval trash bin by designer Sébastien Maleville offers a soft color combination of green and white, which makes it an ideal accessory for home and office. The bin also includes a large handle, so you may effortlessly move it wherever you like. Read More

Ovetto Recycling Bin

ovetto recycling bin

Designed by Gianluca Solid, the term Ovetto stands for Recycling Egg. Sporting a simple yet elegant form, this dust bin has two compartments for taking care of the garbage in green style. This white oval shaped bin is chic enough to flaunt it in open and not hide it away in some corner or behind the doors. Read More



The issue of effectively managing and recycling household waste has gained ground and Ecomod aims to assist for the same. Short-listed for Domestic Greenclean at RSA Design Directions 2007/08, this product intends to get rid of an array of containers used for containing variety of garbage. Read More

Waste Paper Recycle Trash Bin

waste paper recycle trash bin

Designed by Qianqian Tao, the Waste Paper Recycle Trash Bin is not just a way to dispose trash for further recycling, as this hi-tech bin recycles waste on its own. The system mixes waste paper with polyvinyl alcohol environment cement. Read More

Trash ball

trash ball

Hailed as “Trash Ball,” the trash bin by South Korean designer Hwajin Jung is made of ABS and leather that you may place in your home or office. When not in use, the trash bin becomes a toy for your kids, who can take it out to play their soccer match. Measuring 350 mm in diameter, the Trash Ball gives a playful design to the square trashcans. Read More

SmellFree compost bin


Compost bins do a wonderful job is encouraging people to recycle and save the environment. However, the major drawback of compost bins it the foul odor that fumes into the kitchen due to the composting process. The SmellFree Compost Bin designed by Joe Brunton makes sure that the only odor present in the kitchen is just of the food you are cooking. Read More

Modular Recycling Bin

modular recycling bin

The new recycling bin by designer Dave Strydom seems to be a blessing in disguise for modern users. Featuring an ordinary and conventional design, the bin dubbed the “Modular Recycling Bin” solves a wide range of purposes for contemporary users. Made from reprocessed materials, the bin offers three adjustable interior compartments (finished with plastic, glass and tin) that act like a water bladder and alter their size to accommodate the disposed items in each section. Read More

Share trash bin

share trash can

Drawing inspiration from the “Share” button used by the social networking sites to promote their web content, designer Burak Kaynak has come up with an innovative bin that promises to clean your room or place by sharing the trash. Entitled the “Share,” the new trash bin features a step-to-open lid which allows hands-free dispensing and keeps the garbage out of your sight. Read More


sustain o bin

Designed and developed as a course project by the Industrial Design Center (IDC) students at IIT-Bombay, the Sustain-o-bin is an interactive dustbin with three sensors to follow people, to demarcate its boundaries and to acknowledge the good work done whenever it is stuffed with trash. Read More

Armstrong Bin

amstrong bin

This Sukwon Park & Sungwoo Park design is intended to compress the volume of garbage, which we produce each day. The name Armstrong Bin derived from the first man who stomps on the moon, just like you who stomp on your first garbage. Read More

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