Recycle used water with Removable Kitchen Sink

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With most nations facing water crisis, recycling of used water becomes important more than ever before. Addressing water emergency across the world, Hughie of Australia has come up with an innovative kitchen sink that stores waste-water that would otherwise go down the sewer. The winner of the ‘Product of the Year 2008’ award, the Removable Kitchen Sink saves 80 percent of the gray water that can further be used for watering your garden plants or washing your car.

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The Hughie’s Removable Kitchen Sink is a green product that users may carry with them wherever they go; on their boating, fishing or camping expeditions. The versatile sink is very light in weight and comes with a strong handle, an integrated plug and pourer. You may get the portable sink for just $25, which is available in a variety of stylish colors.

Via: Trendsupdates/ Gizmodo

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