Recreational Island, a foldable makeup that doubles as an emergency shelter

Human creativity and imagination to improvise without fear of being getting failed has made every strange thing possible. The “recreational island” is a similar bizarre concept created by transportation designer Henry Ward in partnership with BMT Nigel Gee. The design has explicitly been made for luxury yachting by making use of technology employed in event management and military etc.

Recreational island

The structure is run by a pressurized hydraulic system that opens the island and could be stored in the garage of ships when closed. The island is put into place with the help of standard cranes. The island measures 10m x 8m with additional space provided by the platform that could be stabilized with anchors in open water.

Now talking about its uses, you name it and “recreational island” is ready to serve you as swimming dock, diving dock, small boat dock, dining area, etc. The island could also be rented out to people as a personal beach and could also be used by judges or reporters at water-based gaming and sports for observing events closely. The development team is also thinking of using a modified version of this island as a moveable helicopter landing platform. The design tactics of recreational island would make it disaster and military efficient along with its luxurious and lavish usage.

Via: Designboom

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