Recreating city streets of Copenhagen with architectural genius

mller grnborg 02
Strengthening the infrastructure of Copenhagen, Danish company Møller & Grønborg (M&G) Architects teaming up with the COWI (an engineering company) has popped up with a new plan for Nørrebrogade, a key entrance street to Copenhagen. The resurrecting plan will rearrange the street dimensions by painting the paving surfaces for cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians, according to the hierarchy. Offering a sustainable and realistic solution, the resurrection plan will confer the Nørrebrogade Street with the transportation and other facilities of contemporary city life. The ongoing project will install produced barriers, seating arrangements and bus stops that double as urban furniture for the residents as well as visitors. Moreover, all the installations are temporary and flexible, which can be rearranged to accommodate the needs and issues of local inhabitants, shop owners and politicians, without wasting too much effort and time.

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Via: WorldArchitectureNews

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