RECG Watch can keep time and monitor your heart rate too

There are watch design concepts and then there are some more. But the RECG Watch concept by UK-based designer identified only as Peter (who submitted this design to Tokyo flash) is something rather unique. The watch is inspired by Rotational Electrocardiogram which is basically the regular ECG only in circular form rather than the linear one found in hospitals. The RECG Watch gives time telling a rather unique twist.

RECG Watch Design

The watch face features glass arrow shaped cutouts on the discs that have replaced the hands though the watch functions basically like a regular analogue watch. The hours are displayed by the inward facing arrow and the minutes are displayed by the outward facing arrow and time is displayed in the same manner as it is on a regular watch.

To give the ECG effect, the watch features a ring shaped LED array that moves in a circular motion and the pulsing motion gives the watch a rather unique functioning. What’s even better is that the watch can also be made to serve as a real heart rate monitor as well that can be great for both fitness freaks as well as people who need to keep an eye on their pulse rate and do not want to be hooked to a stationary machine the whole day long.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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