Can I reapply for the earlier abandoned industrial design sketches at the patent office?

I made some industrial design (sketches) that I thought should go through the patent office first before I continue developing it but eventually it was disapproved and abandoned by the office. Can I reapply for the earlier abandoned industrial design sketches at the patent office? Although I have made the changes but still would like to have some expert suggestions from you guys, should I go ahead or should I apply for a fresh design?

  1. Bipin Bhaskaran Nair

    Hello,Firstly you must understand one fact, that patents are done only for innovations and designs. However, you can enjoy the right to have patent only if your designs are innovative. If they rejected it, it may either be because your design might have lacked the novelty and practicality to receive patents, or because someone might have, at an earlier point of time, submitted a similar design and obtained the patent.So, my first suggestion will be to contact the officials at the patenting office and inquire about the reason for rejecting your design.Since, you are saying that you have made many changes to the original deign, yet to enure that you are in the safer side, I would suggest you to consult a patenting attorney first. Every nation has at least one patenting attorney. They have their own engineers and architects, who are specialists in their department. You can trust them. They won’t cheat you. You would require to pay the attorney charges, which may be high enough to afford. In fact, the cost of getting patents is very high, as you know.They will evaluate your design and will advice you regarding all aspects, so that ultimately you get the patent.This is the only possible solution for your problem. Hope you succeed in your endeavor.

    August 2nd, 2012 // Reply

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