Raptor Skateboard presents a unique blend of rugged style and functionality


The Raptor Skateboard is a blend of a funky skateboard and delectable industrial design, which is designed to give its user an adrenaline rush every time the skateboard is used. It will directly roll you in the extreme sports section that will give you goose bumps. Named the Raptor, it has been designed by Andrea Mangano. The industrial designer joined hands with the car company Alfa Romeo for this project.

The Raptor is a sports accessory that will make you taste speed in an unusual way. The designer closely studied a lot of extreme sports activities before narrowing down on Speed-down. High speed races rule speed-down and that’s the precise reason why car company Alfa Romeo came in the scene. The designer has crafted this speedy accessory in a manner that dictates perfect balance and strength.

The core structure comprises of three plates that will inject stability and muscle in it. It has been made from two basic colors (red and black), which not only make for a deadly combination but are typical Alfa Romeo colors. The Raptor has been fitted with mechanical arms, which are present at the front and back.

These will let users take extreme bends and make sure they don’t lose balance. Apart from this, the sports accessory takes care of necessary safety features as well. A protection has been wedged at the rear that will provide necessary safety in case of a collision. So, if you are an extreme sports lover, then the Raptor is here to sprinkle some speedy fun in your life.

[Thanks Andrea]

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