RAPPA patrol vehicle gears to make the gaming experience real

rappa concept 04

Designed by Daniel Bailey, the R.A.P.P.A (Rapid Area Petrol & Pursuit Avant-Guard) is a futuristic highway patrol vehicle that will allow brisk and controlled movement. Presenting radical steering, the vehicle is controlled by the body balance, as the rider is required to lean toward the right side for a right turn or the left side for left turn, while the back part swivels to accommodate the body movement of the rider. Integrating police lights in the front glass of the cockpit, the concept vehicle also features onscreen navigation and a single button patrol mode, saving the extra power consumed by unneeded energy draining lights. The RAPPA lets the rider in and out through the sliding front of the cockpit, which also doubles as the LED sign of the police patrol vehicle.

rappa concept 07
rappa concept 01
rappa concept 03
rappa concept 05
rappa concept 02

[Thanks Daniel]

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