Rainwater Play by Elsie Teo: A playground for a rainy day

Rainwater Play

Rainwater harvesting is one of the best environmentalists’ ideas to have hit the planet-saving mission in the new millennium. With the world running out of freshwater resources at a rapid pace, rainwater harvesting not only makes sense as an eco friendly prospect but serves very practical purposes when applied to public projects as well. Rainwater Play is one such proposal that looks to harvest naturally plentiful rainfall and use it to create a mini-water park designed especially for children.

The project has been designed by a Singapore-based designer Elsie Teo. The project provides a water-fed play area for children. Regular playgrounds are rendered unusable in rainy season since the slides and other playground equipment are not designed to be used when it rains. This limits the activity levels of children during rainy season in cities which leads to children becoming dependent on video games or other indoor activities for long duration every year.

Rainwater Play has been created specifically to give children a flexible and safe play area in both sunny as well as rainy weather. The dynamic design features dual use components like a giant top where kids can sit and spin on in sunny weather. The same component turns into a lotus-like play thing which lets giant water beads roll off its surface and lets the children splash each other with water by maneuvering it on its axis.

Similarly, a canopy in the middle of the park acts like an imagination-fueling castle in pleasant weather but also doubles up as a handy rain shelter when the showers hit. The frosted glass surface of canopy allows children to see and appreciate the beauty of falling rain and the rainwater harvesting process in action while the dry surface inside provides a place for them to hang out when they don’t want to be in the rain.

A large water bath fills up with clean water when it rains serving as a shallow pool for children to play in. The round surface inside this area ensures maximum protection for children while various shapes and interactive features spur their imagination. The plant-like shapes scattered throughout the playground draw water from the underground water storage and can be used like water guns that lets children squirt each other with splashes of water. A charcoal filter embedded in the playground floor clean the collected rainwater so that the children are never exposed to contaminated water.

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