Quilt-wrapped Cocon armchair makes chilling winters warm

cocon arm chair 10

The very thought of winter makes us shiver. Chilling cold just confines us to the homes and we just couldn’t come out of blanket or put the electric heating away for a moment. However, Celine Merhand and Anaïs Morel‘s Cocon comes up with something that you will surely like and bring to your home. Dubbed the Cocon, it is an armchair wrapped with an ultra soft quilt and it’s also easy to care for, as it comes with a removable and washable duvet. You can zip it closed or open it. The Cocon reclining position is perfect for lounging, daydreaming, reading, watching TV and listening to music.

Via: super-ette

cocon arm chair
cocon arm chair 01
cocon arm chair 02
cocon arm chair 03
cocon arm chair 04
cocon arm chair 05
cocon arm chair 06
cocon arm chair 07
cocon arm chair 08
cocon arm chair 09

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