Quatro Chair tackles stairs and changes into a regular chair on demand

For people bound to wheelchairs, life is never as easy to go through as public spaces, offices and homes are developed primarily keeping the needs of the able bodied majority in mind. The Quatro Chair by designer Nori Sakatsume, however, looks to provide people with lower limb disabilities with an alternative to having to rely on others for everyday tasks and navigating through public spaces. The chair is designed to take care of the three biggest challenges that are faced by wheelchair users, namely, stairs, reaching up to higher shelves and cupboards and making the transition from wheelchair to a regular chair every so often each day.

Quatro Chair

The Quatro Chair comes with an innovative wheel design that transitions from a round, level ground-friendly regular wheel to a pair of sectioned wheels that can be used to climb up stairs. Covered with an anti-slip material, these wheels allow wheelchair users to make their way up flights of stairs. The adjustable footrest of the wheelchair also flips up into a horizontal position to make climbing stairs easier. A dual camera fitted in front of the wheelchair detects ground conditions that the wheelchair is traveling towards and adjusts itself automatically.

The Quatro Chair is also designed to help users reach higher with its motorized elevation mechanism lifting the user 15 cm higher than regular chair level. The chair also tackles the problem users having to change chairs by easily tucking its wheels and footrest under the seat of the chair so that the user doesn’t have to expend any unnecessary physical force during the course of the day.

[Cheers Nori]

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