Quartz is a swish mobile phone watch with dual SIM slot

A mobile phone watch is a cool gadget for any swish pad. If you are looking out for one, then here is a piece with a sleek dual SIM touch screen and many useful functions. Its smooth white surface will blend with any type of home. Also, its retail price is just $85, which has been marked down to quite an extent by the online retailer Chinavasion. Basic features of this piece, which makes mobile communication much easier for you, are given below.


The watch has a built in keypad that facilitates when you are dialing numbers. It fits in dual SIM card slots. Such a dual SIM facility is not available on many watch phones. So, if you want to keep your personal and business lines separate, then this piece will come handy. The touch screen gives the watch a swish look. It has a high quality make and browsing through it will be a snap as you can pilot it even with your fingertips.

Plus, the watch many entertainment features, just like the ones you find in most mobile phones nowadays. Enjoy tunes from the built in mp3/mp4 media player. You can watch videos and even the latest flicks on it. Browse through pictures when you have the time. All media files can be uploaded on its miscroSD easily by connecting the USB port with a computer. A tap on the touch screen is enough to make any of these selections.

In fact, this is a really good piece to showcase you family photos or holiday videos to your guests. You don’t have to bother about lugging out a hulky computer that contains all your personal and business information in front of others. Just show off files on this sleek compact machine. Play music through the built in speakers when you are lounging with others or stay tuned with the Bluetooth earpiece set if you are the only one who wants to enjoy the rapture.

Via: Chinavasion

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