Quake-proof, zero-emission ‘All Seasons Tent Tower’

all seasons tent tower 01

Developed as a part of the Mercedes-Benz hotel tower competition for the city of Yerevan, Armenia, the “All Seasons Tent Tower” from OFIS Architecture is a quake-proof building, which is capable of resisting gravity load and the forces resulting from earthquakes. Featuring two terraced cylindrical towers, accommodating a restaurant, pool, spa and fitness center and bar in the higher tower, the tent tower integrates photovoltaic cells into the atrium roof to generate solar power. Presenting a dominant view from the city, the next-gen architecture also houses a hotel and apartments, together with a business center, shops and garage. Wrapping the terraces in high performance skin to reduce the solar gain in summers, the All Seasons Tent Tower makes use of a pipe system with embedded concrete slab that not only allows cooling without draft problems in hot weather but also provides heating during the chilly winter.

all seasons tent tower 02
all seasons tent tower 03
all seasons tent tower 04
all seasons tent tower 05
all seasons tent tower 06
all seasons tent tower 07
all seasons tent tower 08
all seasons tent tower 09

Via: Designboom

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