e-QBO public art installation showcases how smart cities and historic locations can go together

Measuring a stunning 5x5x5 meters, the e-QBO is a clever new urban public art installation that demonstrates what smart cities of the future could feel like. The project was developed under the scientific supervision of the Italian agency RSE (Ricerca Sistema Energetico/Energetic Research System). The first off-grid island in the world stands at Milano’s Piazza San Fedele as a part of the SD4SC (smart design for smart cities) intuitive and will be displayed from April 17th to May 5th 2012. The independent installation features videomapping and street art from V3rbo and is designed by Romolo Stanco.


The contemporary architectural installation serves as a photovoltaic accumulator that feeds energy gathered from renewable sources into 60kWh zero impact batteries. The whole idea behind the installation is to create a free standing structure that is not only completely independent of the grid but can also serve as a charging hub for electronic and electrical devices, a lighting hub as well as an installation that can be used to present and view videomapping, street art and other artistic endeavors that form a part of the modern urban culture.

The e-QBO is also designed to give back the accumulated energy to the general public. The free-standing structure also re-designs the historical plaza via LED light and the luminous design object sitting in the middle of the city center. The e-QBO can be used as a recharging station, a meeting place, a Wi-Fi hotspot, a public lighting installation or a place where communication systems and videomapping can be accessed.

Via: SD4SC

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