Q*bert Coffee Table Looks @!#?@! Awesome

Q*bert Coffee Table will revive childhood memories for many

If you were old enough to play video games in the early ‘80s, then you are possibly no stranger to Q*bert, the cute and innocent arcade games that had you stacking 2D pyramids. Even though it was a precursor to the hundreds of stacking games that followed, the game isn’t known to many people today. However, if you are one of the lucky few who had enough generous relatives and managed to save enough monetary gifts to fill your piggy bank enough to make frequent trips to the arcade, then you are probably very well acquainted with the adorable Q*bert.


Q*bert Coffee Table
Q*bert Coffee TableQ*bert Coffee Table

And if you are a huge fan of the game or know someone who is, then the cute Q*bert Coffee Table can be a wonderful gift option. The table is the brainchild of Gill Benzion who is a woodworker by profession and evidently still an ‘80s child by heart. The table measures 24 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 20 inches high and makes an astonishing coffee table. The table is fairly simple though its magnificent top makes it a standalone piece that can be used as a novel coffee table or even as an end table.

The table is set top an ash base and legs with a stunning walnut veneer lid that features a marquetry detailing that is inspired by the graphics of the arcade game. Even though the detail doesn’t boast of the same kind of bright colors that the original game did but it still is a very attractive feature on the otherwise plain coffee table. Benzion is currently retailing via the woodworker’s Etsy shop. He has priced the table at USD500 and even offers custom sizing option to allow buyers to order the table in custom sizes as well.

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