Pump It Up: A versatile chair that changes with your mood

pump1 7881

Versatility is the watchword today. A woman wants a caring husband who can be a disciplinarian, a man wants a good cook for a woman who has a career and together they want a chair for their home that can become a biplane sofa when you feel like it! Tell you what? You work on the first two issues and let Olivier Gregoire take care of the last one, or should I say that he has already taken care of that with this Pump It Up chair. This French by birth and currently New York based designer has looked out for your home decor and given you these two options in one furniture, and the yellow-grey color tone is no less interesting. Make it a sofa when you wish to supine and watch soccer and zip it up to make it flat when you wish to get right your Yoga posture. The benefits are many, so get this one home today and highlight the versatile style like never before!

Via: design-milk

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