Pul(l)Po-Port, an open structure providing public spaces on water

Living on land is passe, snap into the present century and there are many who are making good use of water bodies as living grounds as well. What was till date considered as a difficult environment, in terms of housing, is being explored to the fullest as the earth is getting packed with people. Pul(l)Po-Port is one such creation, which will float on the surface of water and will unfurl a totally new living environment that is both flexible and dynamic.


Designed by Melanie Kotz, the awe inspiring structure will be situated at the north of Bay of Bengal that borders Bangladesh. It will act as a floating city that will rev up the quality of life in the country. Assembling of the city will be done with the help of rafts that will be further interconnected with the mega structure complete with a circulation system in the top of the design. Boats will be used to move from one place to the other, as major part of the city will remain in water. The rafts are placed in a way that together their geometry looks strongly like a fractal.

Pul(l)Po-Port has been designed keeping in mind the tradition of farming and fishing in the country. It will have a fishing port, which will unfurl spaces that will serve as a communicative platform where people can meet. It will come complete with equipments that are used for receiving fish and further harvesting and transporting products. The inside will let people savor a spatial experience on different levels, thanks to the presence of a 3D staircase platform. The construction on water will put forward various opportunities for people of Bangladesh, especially fishermen, to connect with the world and form a global network.

Via: Sucker Punch Daily

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