Public Farm One will push Agricultural practices across rural limits

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With the science guys lifting up the thick veil on hazards of industrialization, an agrarian approach for economic opulence could be a balanced with a green gateway to success. Work Architecture Company has brought Public Farm One on the platform of PS 1, which intends to bring to reality the idea of “Urban Farming.” I almost crumbled on having seen this phrase, which formerly seemed ironical (Urban and Farming, ah?!), but now I can only applaud for it.

The temporary set-up on the shores of a Contemporary Art Centre in New York bagged the title of a winner. It doesn’t call for high-end apparatus to rectify soil defects or even weather controllers. Big cardboard tubes spread over common space will have fruit and vegetable planted in them. These summer structures will provide the necessary shade, seating and water requirement to the plant babies. If you browse through the gallery of images, you will realize how magnificent this concept is. For people who look up to farming as a recreation activity, they will no longer pull up on the countryside. A grid of space in urban area is all they will require to nurture their preoccupation. And for Economists gauging ways to bring home economic prosperity, this invention could be bliss.

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