Prosthetic leg for women undergoes makeover to become fashion accessory

outfeet prosthetic leg 1
Prosthetic limbs are infamous for their cold menacingly steely looks contrary to the delicate human attributes imbued with life and blood. Outfeet by designer Aviya Serfaty endeavors to change that perception by transforming the traditional artificial limb into an appealing fashion accessory which also becomes an extension of the natural movement.

outfeet prosthetic leg 2
Especially designed for amputee women, the lightweight carbon fiber leg features adjustable knobs which artificial arches in the sole, making it easier for the user to adapt to various needs. The leg can be covered with flexible skins for different occasions without putting additional weight on the prosthesis. Outfeet comes with a separate heel which can be attached to the sole according to need or removed for simple commuting.

outfeet prosthetic leg 3
outfeet prosthetic leg 4
outfeet prosthetic leg 5
outfeet prosthetic leg 6
outfeet prosthetic leg 7

Via: Designboom

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