Prosthetic Vase keeps your flowers alive even when you are away

prosthetic vase
In the recent past, the role of a flower pot or vase has changed, from a passive preserving vessel into an active resuscitating object, in a great way that now plays an active part in keeping flowers alive. The “Prosthetic Vase” by Israeli designer Shay Shafranek is a modern vase that featuring capillary tubes (located at its base) lets the flowers stay alive even when you are away from your place. The tubes, when required, suck the water upwards to irrigate the flowers and play a major role in the survival of the plants. Moreover, the vase presents an aesthetic design to enhance the decor of your place.

prosthetic vase 01
prosthetic vase 02

Via: Shayshafranek/TrendSnow

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