Prop Lampshade is high on style, but low on energy

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This sculpted lamp in rich black lacquer can be easily mistaken for just another whim of a budding designer. But Prop’s personality runs deeper than its looks. The triangular heart of the acrylic lamp is formed by three laser-cut pieces that augment the strength of light being poured, without increasing figures of energy consumption. The gloss finish not only adds to the haute appeal of the lamp, but works as a reflecting surface. As the maker, Steve Watson, points out that Prop’s basic instinct is of a lampshade, but yet puts it atop with ideas of low-energy and minimum wastage.

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Design Status:
Prop Lampshade is available for as much as £120.

The Prop Lamp banks on low-energy consumption and minimum wastage while cutting and shaping parts from acrylic sheets. The triangular shape seeks to give better radiance without steep figures of energy bills.

About the Designer:
Steve Watson was born in Australia and had graduated in Industrial Design. Sofas, chairs, stools, lights and tableware sum up as his main area of interest.

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