Which are the best product design ideas for soda bottle label?

I want to design a label for a soda bottle. I want to create an impression which can attract the consumers and make them feel that they want to drink it. As for now I don’t have any great ideas and don’t want to end up as a cliche. So I would like to have some inputs on the same product design ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Introduce your home-brewed soda, announce an event or advertise your business with custom label soda bottle. The house label production with a computer and the printer is an easy and cheap option. If you are giving your soda as a gift, custom labels help personalize the bottles. When usage is more professional, as labels on the bottles of soda can enter company information in a way that people will notice.Instructions:-Measure your soda bottle to determine the size of the label. Taking into account the aberrations on the surface of the bottle, such as decorative bezels or holes in the glass.Set the labels to a document or publication. Design a text box with a border or a custom shape as an oval or round, or establish a strip that goes around the entire bottle with a printed front and back. Websites like Winelableforyou.com Avery.com or offer software to create labels or templates to download and purchase.Use the font effects, graphics, text, images and borders to create a new look to your label.Look existing labels or templates for ideas. Upload your own image to use on the label, or as a background or select images from the program file that is used to design your label.You can make a label that looks modern times or something and elegant with multiple colors. Save the file before printing.Print a test label printer and cut the label if a trial. Use scissors to form a custom tag, or a paper cutter for a straight edge to seal the cleanest cut. Apply glue or rubber cement you have not used before hitting the sheets of labels. Rubber cement will be more permanent, but more difficult to remove if you want to reuse the bottle. Attach the label and the criticism that the changes you want to do.Print the rest of the labels and apply to the bottles.

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