Pro-smoking designs bring smokers closer to nature!

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While all forms of media are broadcasting about the perils of smoking, Fatih Baltas did something really unusual. He came up with this Smoker Bench that claims to soak up the negativity attached with smoking by the virtue of having some green plants in the design itself. The middle structure will house the plants coupled with two ashtrays on both the ends, while two benches are fitted on either of the sides. This seems to be a nifty outdoor furniture for smokers, since the small dedicated grid in the premises of an organization can sometimes turn out to be lousy.

The bench has an accomplice too! The ceramic flowerpot (or an ashtray) seems to convey a message to smokers in its vicinity, by means of its name- Ash is Ok. The ultra hip designers have tried to bring two preferred Greek pastimes together- smoking and plant-keeping. Cigarette butts are separated from the ashes which go down through the holes, finally making it to the sand. Prolific smokers either need to cut down on their consumption or stay away from these pots, because I don’t think testing the plant’s patience is a good idea.

Via: ArabAquarius

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