Privacy Pop tent makes sure your bed doesn’t turn into a peep show

It can really get irritating to share a room with someone else and see privacy fly out of the window. Sharing a room comes tagged with a lot fun moments and benefits, but the biggest drawback is the deletion of private space which you may long for at some point of time. Bringing the charm of spending time all alone, cut off from the entire world, is the Privacy Pop.

Bed tent

The Privacy Pop Tent is nothing but a bed tent that will create a private space at your own whim in no time at all. The tent has a plain facade and will endow people with the much needed coverage. It is a stupendous creation for kids’ room and especially if you stay in a dorm. Give peeping toms some moments of rest as you escape into a cocoon, which is full of warmth and isolation.

The Privacy Pop Tent has been made in a way to fit almost all bed sizes. Simply, place it on your bed and slip into a space of total comfort. Read your favorite book, listen to music, surf the net or just soothe those frazzled nerves inside your private space. The tent is light in weight and is portable. It can be snapped apart and carried from one place to other without much difficulty.

It has been crafted from a thin layer of polyester, so don’t expect it to cut off all sounds. The tent will definitely keep bright light away while you take a nap in your cozy bed. The Privacy Pop comes stashed with a price tag of $99 and can be put away when not in use.

Via: OhGizmo

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