All-in-one Prisma Electric Vehicle serves as a helicopter, boat and car

Prisma EV

The PRISMA Individual electric vehicle by André Batista is a brand new concept that gives all-terrain transroading a whole new meaning. Designed for single transport, the electric vehicle concept is based around the idea of improving the personal space available to the single passenger. The vehicle also offers improved driving flexibility by offering drivers the choice between using the vehicle as a car, a boat and as a personal helicopter. Yes, you read that right, a helicopter!

Through the boat-car and the car-chopper concepts have been done to death before, we’ve frankly never encountered a concept that also incorporates a helicopter within the same vehicle design as a boat.

The designer proposes to build the chassis of the vehicle with painted carbon fiber to decrease the overall weight of the design. The vehicle will be propelled via two motors one of which be used to power the rotor on top and the other will power the rear wheels of the vehicle.

The motor installed in the rotor will also be fitted with regenerative braking capabilities to make the vehicle as sustainable as possible. To offer a full panoramic view of the surrounding space, the vehicle will feature an acrylic coverage which will also be used as an electric door. On a full charge, the vehicle will be able to travel for up to 4 hours in helicopter mode, 80 kms in boat mode and 220 km in car mode.

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