Most pretentious chair of the century: Symbiotic chair asks you to pity your furniture

Remember the freaky, legless Curt Chair from Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard of design studio Bernhard Burkard we showed you a few weeks ago? Well, the Symbiotic chair from designer Joong Han Lee of Studio Homunculus, outdoes the Curt Chair on the “what-were-you-thinking” scale. Another great example of how designers these days just can seem to be able to channel their creativity into pieces of furniture that would actually be useful for people, the Symbiotic chair is perhaps one of the most pretentious chairs of all time.

Symbiotic chair

Since time immemorial, a chair has been something that you sit on. However, the brilliant mind behind this monstrosity decided that the comfort provided by the four-legged seat was way too luxurious for modern folks and thus he decided to remove two of the chair’s legs. This effectively means that the person dumb enough to want to sit in this chair will actually have to use the strength in his own two legs to support this thing parallel to the ground. And the logic behind doing so? Well, the designer thinks that we treat our chair like mere objects and we need to be more sympathetic towards the emotional and physical trauma endured by our furniture when we use them. We wonder if the designer feels the same way about the plants and animals he eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday!

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