Pressure-sensitive bathmat adds meaning to your shower

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Showering is an irresistible but at the same time a big waste of indoor water, causing scarcity of water in urban areas. Addressing the issue, a bunch of designers has come up with an innovative bathmat that cut shorts the consumption of water during shower even without intruding your bath leisure. Finalists for the INDEX: AIGA Aspen Design Challenge organized by Samsung, the water-saving bathmat is a pressure-sensitive showermat that lets the water to flow only when the user is close to the shower head, which turns off as they step back to shampoo or soap up. Designed for OLI, a line of concept products that help to conserve water, the touch sensitive showermat comes with a monitor to show the consumption of water, together with shower time and lighting used during the shower. The showermat also includes a seat to pull the drained water out with the help of portable containers. In short, the water-saving bathmat is a smart way of preserving water with minimum effort on the behalf of the users.

Designers: Raymond Bessemer, California State University, Long Beach; Sergio Coronado, Purdue University; Franklin Crosby, Metropolitan State College of Denver; Nallieli Santamaraia, New York University; Brad Smith, University of Cincinnati; Sean Whang, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.

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Via: Fastcompany/ Core77

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