“Presence” XL Speakers take high-fidelity to high-fashion

Ever since the days of the gramophone, music players have been monopolized by monochromatic color themes and anything even slightly colorful is deemed funky or feminine. Though that hasn’t stopped men from going all out and buying all-black home entertainment systems no matter how much they clash with the interior schemes of their bachelor pads (or their wives’/girlfriends’ meticulously hand-picked home décor), there remains a wide gap in the market when it comes to music systems that can look as good as they sound. The “Presence” XL Speakers by Bodor Audio+ looks to rectify that situation by presenting a set of detailed hand-made equipment that is made to cater to each individual’s taste and décor theme.

XL Speakers

Created to reflect its owner’s personality and outlook in life, the “Presence” XL Speakers by Bodor Audio+ is perhaps the ultimate and only example of a music system being customized to fit the interior décor of its owner. By offering incredible personalization options, the “Presence” XL Speakers by Bodor Audio+ not only moulds itself to the lifestyle of the person that purchases it but also allows them to blend in their high-end electronics into their décor as they please without having to worry about getting cabinets and entertainment units built to house them and store them out of sight.

Via: Behance

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