PowerCube comes with a USB port to juice up your smart devices

Seeing your room full of electronic gadgets is a blessing but finding power source to plug in more than two or three gadgets at a time becomes a pain that all of us might have experienced once in a while in our lifetime. To get rid of this problem Allocacoc has introduced an innovative extension cord christened as PowerCube that could be mounted anywhere within the reach and you don’t have to bend beneath your desk to look for power outlets.


The PowerCube comes with a USB power port to juice up your USB charge enabled devices like iPads, iPhones, iPods and even high-powered tablets. The PowerCube is accompanied with a stick-on dock, which is used to mount it wherever you want and you just have to twist and lock the cord to fix it to the dock. The compact design offers four power outlets to power four gadgets at a time unlike large power adapters jamming each other and muddling your room.

PowerCubes can also be plugged into each other to multiply the number of power outlets by four with the modular design to give you low-voltage USB power. About 1.5 meters of extension cord is fitted to the PowerCube so that it could be mounted easily on the required surface which usually is your desktop. The PowerCube comes with a mounting dock as well as a cable clamp and offers voltage range of 220 to 240volts. This condensed easy-to-use extension not only keeps your stuff tidy but also forms an ideal gift item.

Source: Allocacoc

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