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Power meters for bikes will get cheaper with Laser Spoke

Cycling with a power meter has its set of benefits and most people know this. However, adopting the concept is not possible for everyone because of the high cost of these systems and the hassles involved in using them. So, a handy product that caters to the exact needs of this segment is much needed. Making an attempt to bridge this demand and supply gap is engineer Gennady Lubarsky with his pioneering invention Laser Spoke.

Laser spoke power meter

The system owns up to imparting accurate power data while biking. Its accuracy will be at par with the established systems being retailed in the market currently. The device has been programmed to work real slick. Boarded on the hub is the laser based position sensitive detector while the rim holds an optical right angle prism.

The sensor keeps a check on the wheel at all times. The prism placed on the rim projects the beam whenever torque is applied to the cycle, which helps to keep a tab on the motion of the wheel. The sensor actually produces an electric signal proportional to the load exerted on the cycle. If there is no load, then the signal has zero value. It can even differentiate between light and heavy burdens.

The data from the system can be transferred to a computer easily. The transfer process actually uses an SD card but the future versions of this system will be fitted with ANT+ devices for transmission and will work on computers as well as smartphones. The whole optical system will not be exorbitantly priced. The moveable and easy to install system works with all types of bikes whether they are recreational cycles or a set of racing wheels.

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