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Post-It Table for all the doodlers

A huge post-it table can be a true genius for all the doodlers. Brains behind this post-it table – A Milan based design company, Soup Studio will surely be a boon to all the designers who constantly doodle giving you all the free doodling space. It enables you to take notes or scribble without getting into a paper mess. All you need to do is cover the entire desk with giant post-it sheets and then scribble until you are done with them. All you need a huge desk and giant sheets of paper.

Post-it Table

This DIY post-it desk can also prove to be eco-friendly by using rice paper. This will help in reduction of landfill waste of used sheets. Don’t wait to memo your new ideas on this scribble table which has been topped with eighty large sheets for you to squiggle till you drop. Whether you want to scribble, doodle or create fresh ideas, all you need is this Italian designed post-it note table to put your thoughts on paper. Once you are done with one sheet, you can simple peel it away to reach a new fresh clean sheet.

If you wish to have a new workstation each time, this should be your pick. It helps you generate ideas beyond the boundaries of a note pad or a post-it. With price available on request, this giant post-it table is being referred as ‘post-itable’. This table created under a project by soup studio has received recognition from many including the Second International Designer’s Workstation Competition. This competition was organized by the design institution. For all those creative and innovative folks, this note desk will add on to your creative caps to help you generate clean fresh ideas each time. This post-it topped table can be your pick without any hassle. Draw your ideas beyond the conventional post-its and notebooks and unleash your design potential.

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