Portable Workstation becomes a notebook, digital DJ turntable and more

portable work station 01

Conceived by British designer Umang Dokey, the “Portable Workstation” is an innovative system that presenting an automatic opening mechanism unfolds into a notebook or laptop for the users on the go. Featuring a folding base for better heat ventilation, the portable system also includes a digital pen that lets professionals draw and write on the screen. The cover of the workstation doubles as a detachable keyboard for the ease of use. Integrating an enhanced hardware as well as software, the system turns into a digital DJ turntable to connect the laptops of a number of DJs while playing. The Portable Workstation not just accommodates all the arrangements in one compact station, but it also features a flexible mechanism to allow different working or viewing positions to the users. Check out the video after the jump.

portable work station 04
portable work station 06
portable work station 03
portable work station 07
portable work station 08
portable work station 09
portable work station 10
portable work station 11
portable work station 12
portable work station 02

Via: Umangdokey

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