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Portable is the buzz word that’s going around the techno-world. From telephones to mobiles, banking to credit cards, computers to laptops/notebooks etc. everywhere technology has bought mobility or say portability in to people’s convenience. Simila

Seven portable speakers to enjoy quality sound on the move

portable speakers

Portable is the buzz word that’s going around the techno-world. From telephones to mobiles, banking to credit cards, computers to laptops/notebooks etc. everywhere technology has bought mobility or say portability in to people’s convenience. Similar is the case with speakers. Yes, speakers are getting converted to utmost portable and mini versions so that it can be compatible with modern generations’ life and at the same time it would also provide the pleasure of music to the music lovers.

Well, it’s good news for all those geeky natured music lovers as we are making out their work a bit easier by listing down with some of the coolest, portable and trendy speakers that will take you to a whole new experience of music listening and that too on the move. So, who needs those huge drum bed speakers when one can enjoy the same features in a mini and portable ones? The list includes some speakers that are handy and for the people who are always on the go but never wants to comprise their party life. Why don’t you help yourself to choose out one of the seven best gadgets listed down here?

1. Eggy mini speakers

Eggy mini speakers

As the name itself describes its features, this mini speaker is purely portable and the shape of it is derived from an egg. A unique product from S&J Co is one of a kind of portable speakers wherein it’s divided into two halves that can be attached to one due its magnetic element on its outer curve. It mostly acts as a personal music system that is fully admired for its portability, 4watt RMS, digital amp which comes in 20mm of micro-mini unit and USB to connect all your music players, iPods, laptops or notebooks, etc. all this with minimal wires. This unique design was showcased at the 2010 International CES.

2. Sony Ericsson MBS-400

Sony Ericsson MBS-400

Well, moving to the next is the beautiful and sleek designed smart portable mini speaker that’s known as Sony Ericsson MBS-400. This powerful speaker is ideal for all the party lovers who can’t live without music. Best suited for office or beach parties, this mini speaker, which comes in a pair, will provide you with high quality of clear volume. The interesting part of this supernova is that it plays music via Bluetooth from your mobile handset and also it can get itself muted at the time of incoming calls. Wow, all this makes it a smart li’l mini speaker that everyone would love to have it for once.

3. iHome iHM77 Portable Multimedia Speakers

iHome iHM77 Portable Multimedia Speakers

Magnetic fever has just not finished as iHome iHM77 raises it to a higher level. iHM77 is one of the beautifully crafted portable music speaker system wherein, it’s shaped in a capsule which actually means to be its carry pouch. Further, it has two divided speakers that streams out some solid range of bass music. What else? It has no fussy nature what wires surrounded to other speaker gives instead it works on rechargeable built-in li-ion batteries. The charge of the speaker can be acknowledged due to its LED blue colored light that dims out when the battery is running out of charge. To charge the battery it as simple as you charge your mobile phones but here only with USB. Compatible with iPhones and MacBook, this stereo sound producing system will cost you about $49.99 only.

4. Philips Pocket size Portable Speakers

Philips Pocket size Portable Speakers

Phillips Pocket size Portable USB speaker system is just an amazing super mini speaker system that works through USB. It has a bass pipe for clear cut sound that’s in-built with it and also provides you with stereo sound experience when speakers are detached away. And it’s available for only $18.85.

5. DLO Portable Speakers

DLO Portable Speakers

The DLO portable Speaker system is just another piece of beauty which is ideally made for iPhone market. One can attach it to the iPhone or iPods and can also take benefits of full stereo sound system even when watching movies on it. Interesting part goes in its disassembling part wherein it can be disassembled in to a compact mini speaker system, which will produce huge level of clear sound in a small package. The only thing that lacks is music controls, a charging dock and a speaker phone. Though, portable + good sound quality makes it pricy for about $49.99 only.

6. USB Portable Speakers from Grandmax

USB Portable Speakers from Grandmax

This tiny li’l gadget is surely going to give a tough choice on you to select among others. The Grandmax Pull-n-Play Tweakers comes as a pair of mini speakers wherein, its design looks much similar to the one I discussed earlier in our list. Tweakers are known for streaming out high quality of bass responses and also give stereo sound experience. It has built-in lithium battery that works for longer hours and comes along with only two wires that is a charge cable and an audio cable. It also comes in dual speakers modes with two different colors namely red and black. You can play this lovely Tweaker for a purchase of just $44.95.

7. Sony Ericsson MPS-100

Sony Ericsson MPS-100

Nothing best compares to Sony Ericsson’s MPS-60. But later, they came up with the advance level of best portable speaker system that will keep you grooving with the ultra stereo sound when connected to the Sony Ericsson phone. Dubbed as Sony Ericsson MPS-100, this silvery portable li’l gadget will surely add the sleek nature to your desk.

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