Portable sleeping pods ensure a power nap for modern nomads

Nomadic home

Humans belong to a very different class altogether. With a nomadic nature, sometimes, we often end up traveling to places where power naps become are an absolute necessity. For such purposes, it becomes all the more necessary to have sleeping pods which would appease us aesthetically and prove to be a source of comfort as well. Given this fact, below are a few of the sleeping pods ideal for the modern nomad.

1. The LifePod
Sleeping in a capsule type contraption may be the most appealing idea till date. Designer Kyu Che, has designed her creation based on the Mongolian idea of a Yurt. More of a resting place for the modern nomad, traveling was never easier.The specialty of the yurt is how it fits into just about any kind of environment. It’s not required to create a special niche to fit in your LifePod. Simply strap it in wherever you can and you have a ready-made abode for your dwelling. Simple, creative yet totally fashionable, the LifePod is here to stay.

2. Vintage Trailer Homes
If vintage is what gets you going, then the Vintage Trailer home by Matthew Hoffmann is just the abode for you. Created out of refurbishing a 1970s Airstream, Hoffman spent around $20k for recreating his dream house. Without stripping the airstream of any of its charm, he redecorated minimally, while keeping the original décor intact. With a clean and beautiful look, he managed to revamp the trailer into a clean living space. With a style to boast about, Matthew is a good self designer.

3. Trailer Trikes
The Trailer Trikes if for all those lone travelers who need to travel in peace and without too much luggage. Built by German designer Cornelius Cormanns, “Buffalino” redesigned a three wheeler Piaggio for a comfort ride. The solo abode comes equipped with a refrigerator, bed, basin, water tank, and a cooking burner. Providing you all the possible necessities under one roof, the Trailer Trike is an ideal dwelling for all those lone campers.

4. Cool Caravans
Decorate your personal house on wheels the way you want to, thanks to The Inhalt. Spruce up your home design on the computer, complete with all the possible necessities. Complete with beautiful interiors to modernized gadgets, you can have them all. No more need to have a designer carve out your niche now. Do the designing yourself on the computer and once done, the designers will recreate the magic for you in real. Inhalt gives the liberty to recreate your magical ideas into wonderful, breathtaking realities.

5. The Stealth Defiant
If you crave for a good night’s rest, then the Stealth Defiant is the mobile home for you. Equipped with a spacious double bedroom, a shower facility, storage system and a kitchen with all the possible necessities, you would not think twice. Spruce up your living quarters the way you want to and you would never have to look back again.

6. The Newell’s 2011 Luxury Caravan
With a trendy design to boast about, The Newell’s 2011 Luxury Caravan is everything one can ever desire. A home on wheels which will ensure you never feel away from your real home. With an aesthetically pleasing design, quality and luxury, the caravan will make you feel and live like a king. Ideal for people who know the taste of luxury and know how to splurge.

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