Portable showers to enjoy the splash outdoors

Outdoor showers not only add fun element in the mundane bathing routine but also make your journey more adventurous. Outdoor showers ensure convenience of your very own private shower space to make traveling easier and fun. You can also use the portable showers in your garden or on poolside to enjoy splash in the lap of nature. Here are some of the most exciting portable showers, which can be carried around while traveling or being outdoors.

The Field Shower

Portable and easy to assemble, the Filed Shower by Joseph Goetschel is a handy option for the outdoor shower. The Filed Shower has two side walls along with two roof panels and a front wall with a hinged door to create a private shower space in no time. Equipped with a waterline run through a pump, the Field Shower also has lighting options, if you decide to take a shower after the dusk. The shower, powered by a generator can accommodate two people and also has an electric heater to make your outdoor shower as convenient as taking shower in your bathroom. Soon after the shower, you can dismantle the Field Shower in no time and can move ahead with your journey.

Portable shower by Petr Hampl

You can now enjoy the cool splash of water at the outdoor with portable shower by Petr Hampl. The portable shower has a battery to power and a water pump to sprinkle the water. Extremely handy and easy to use, you can place this outdoor shower in your garden area or at the attic. All you need to do to enjoy an outdoor shower is to pull out the tube with the spout and press the button to start it. With the water capacity of 12 liters, the portable shower by Petr Hampl can be refilled with the regular tap water at home.

Private solar shower

Private solar shower by Guide Gear is a portable solution for your outdoor bathing and changing needs and ensures absolute privacy. The personal cabin is easy to carry and install and is equipped with a 5-gallon PVC Solar shower. The eco friendly solar shower uses solar heat to provide a relaxing shower. The portable outdoor shower system has a fiberglass pole frame for stability of the structure.

Solar fizz portable Shower

Green and handy, the Solar Fizz portable garden shower is a great way to cut down on your electricity consumption, while enjoying your shower. The Solar Fizz portable garden shower utilizes a solar panel for water heating without consuming the electricity. Easy to install in less than a minute time, Solar Fizz portable garden shower needs to be attached to a water hose. You can choose your water temperature and can also adjust the height of the shower as per your need and preference.

Portable battery operated solar shower

Ideal for camping or extensive traveling, the portable battery operated solar shower is an extremely handy and convenient option for an outdoor shower. The green shower has a collapsible bucket with the capacity of 3 gallons and has a battery operated pump for the spray. The solar shower also has the solar bag to heat up the water by the energy of the sun. The portable battery operated solar shower is convenient for dish washing too.

Natural Wicker

Enjoy the goodness of nature as you take your shower outdoor with this great “wicker” shower and towel rack. The Wicker shower is not only fun but also an organic style for your garden. This shower can be easily attached to a garden hose. It is easy to install and portable, ensuring ultimate convenience. There is also an integrated soap rack. The plant shaped towel rack with multiple arms won’t let your shower go unnoticed. It is made up of resin wicker and aluminum to impart durability.

Super Solar Shower

Portable and extremely convenient to carry while traveling, the Super Solar Shower is nothing complicated but a big vinyl bag that uses the heat of the sun for heating water. It can make you enjoy the hot water bath almost anywhere. All you need to do is hang the Super Solar Shower to an overhead support to experience the incredible outdoor shower. The portable shower comes with a shower head, a hanging cord and a flow control. The bag with the capacity up to 20 liters of water is ideal for backpackers to enjoy their trip without worrying about proper bathing facilities.

Poolside Portable Shower

Rinse yourself after a swimming session or beach activity with the poolside portable shower, equipped with adjustable showerhead. Easy to assemble, this portable outdoor shower is to be hooked up with the standard garden hose and the durable PVC arm is to be extended to make it functional. The rugged non corrosive PVC construction makes it waterproof. It is an ideal shower for your patio or poolside to enjoy a splash of water. The large sand filled base ensures stability of the portable outdoor shower.

Portable RAINywhere shower system

Designed by Sergi Ruiz for the sanitary ware brand Roca and aimed at holiday usage as well as for emergency workers or military, the RAINywhere is a portable shower system that can be used practically anywhere. All you need to do is connect this outdoor shower with the water source. Sleek and functional, the RAINywhere has integrated solar panels to heat up the water instantly along with intuitive control for the temperature. Made of lightweight and durable titanium, the shower is also equipped with pressure and magnet anchors to install or dismantle it quickly, without much efforts.

Under the Tree

“Under the Tree” outdoor shower by Michael Siegler is an excellent option to rinse off salt on the beach or chlorine after swimming. Easy to install, Under the Tree can be attached to the regular garden hose. The outdoor shower with several branches can also be used as a towel hanger while the water flows from its highest branch.

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