Portable shower to beat the scorching summer heat

a portable shower 3
If you don’t have a luxurious home with a swimming pool in the backyard to beat the scorching summer heat, designer Petr Hampl is out there with an innovative shower that you may place in your garden or attic to chill out in the summer season. Generating power from a rechargeable and optionally detachable battery, the portable shower includes a water pump, located inside the tank, which sprinkles water from the shower. All you have to do is pull out the tube with a spout on the end and press the start button to enjoy the shower. With the capacity of 12 liters, you may refill shower from a regular tap. Just plug in to recharge the battery-equipped shower. Moreover, you may take it out for camping. Just cool!

a portable shower 1
a portable shower 2

Via: Yanko

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