Portable RAINywhere shower system is perfect for holidays

Created by designer Sergi Ruiz, RAINywhere is a ready to use shower system that can literally be installed and used anywhere. The shower system allows travelers to take a shower anywhere, even at places that do not offer a proper shower system and hot water. The shower comes in an easy to assemble kit that can be set up in minutes and only requires a supply of water to function. The shower system uses integrated solar panels that heat the closed circuit and allow the water running through the pipes to be heated up instantly for use. An intuitive set of controls allow users to select the desired temperature.


The RAINywhere Portable Shower System is crafted from sturdy and lightweight titanium that allows it to be both thin as well as resistant to breakage and corrosion. A machined aluminum case allows it to withstand higher temperatures as well. All parts of the shower are coupled together via pressure and magnet anchors and the overall of the shower can also be changed by adding or subtracting the number of parts on the shower.


Designed for sanitary ware brand Roca, the portable shower is aimed at holiday and outdoor use as well as for use by the military and emergency workers in places where proper means of maintaining hygiene cannot be provided.

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