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Mobility and speed have become the key words in today's world. Don't you agree? Let us take a common everyday example. How many times have you not felt the need to see the pictures you have taken during your vacation or trip, immediately? Road-warriors

Eight portable printers for printing on the go

Portable printers

Mobility and speed have become the key words in today’s world. Don’t you agree? Let us take a common everyday example. How many times have you not felt the need to see the pictures you have taken during your vacation or trip, immediately? Road-warriors around the world want to do everything on the go and they cannot bear with the hassles of carrying a bulky printer and making tedious connections. For such road-warriors we present eight modern ‘weapons’ of empowerment. Read on to know about portable printers that allow you to print on the go.

1. Lumium portable printing solution

Lumium portable printer

Lumium has come out with this neat and compact printer which sits below your laptop. It is neither heavy nor large in size. So abolish your worries of carrying and desk space. The printer comes with an integrated cooling system also. It is so neatly designed that it looks more like an extension of the laptop than a printer! Added to this, the printer can double up as a notebook stand when not in use. So, bid goodbye to lugging printers across rooms and struggling with connections.

2. Mini Giant printer allows printing on the go

Mini Giant printer

Presenting the winner of Zero Boundaries Zink Product Design Competition – the Mini Giant. This is a brilliant idea of designer Paula Adina Sumalan that changes our concept of a printer. A normal printer is stationary and the paper moves through it. And so, the bigger the print required, the bigger the printer has to be. The concept here is of a ‘stationary’ paper and a moving robotic printer! Using Zink’s ‘inkless printing’ technology, the printer propels itself on Zink paper and produces high quality prints. Measuring 22cm X 14cm X 3 cm, the printer almost fits into the trouser pockets!

3. Printstik PS905ME


If you thought that the Mini Giant was compact, try the Printstik. Measuring 27cm X 5cm X 5cm and weighing just 1.5 pounds, this inkless printer slips easily into the pocket. Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries power the printer and it uses thermal printing technology to ensure that there is no need for ink cartridges. It can, however, make only monochrome prints. But once you realize that the printer has no carbon footprint, you will admire this creation from PlanOn Systems Solutions.

4. Trak Mobile Inkjet Printer

Trak Mobile Inkjet Printer

And finally, something to smile about for the dollar-crazy ink manufacturers! Inkjet printers are not far behind in this race for miniaturization. Designer Hung Chih Wang has arrived with an ultra mobile concept. His ‘Trak’ (or Trax ) snaps neatly on to the lid of your laptop. And the selling point is the fact that it can be simply USB powered! A detachable printing head makes storage and transport easy. However, there is no talk on how the ink is kept from spilling out.

5. Canon PIXMA iP100 super-flat portable printer

Canon PIXMA iP100

Canon is a very familiar and popular name in the printer industry. The company has just released a printer that has high print speed and high resolution. The PIXMA iP100 can churn out 20 black and white pages per minute or 14 color pages per minute. Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the printer connects via PictBridge, USB or a Bluetooth module (for wireless transfers). This 4.5 pounds printer costs about $ 259 with the Bluetooth module costing $50 and the battery pack costing $100. The printer also comes with a $ 90 power adaptor for use within the car.

6. Epson portable printer

Epson printer

High quality color photos in 37 seconds and the photos have a promised life of 200 years! That is what Epson claims is the capability of the Micro-Piezo printhead embedded in their Printmate PM270 4R. With a memory-card slot bay, a tiltable LCD screen, PictBridge support, Bluetooth compatibility and elegantly designed membrane-textured buttons the printer leaves nothing to complain about. The Advanced Variable Sized Droplet Technology has been incorporated for accuracy and high quality prints.

7. Zink Portable Printer

Zink printer

The latest announcement in the market is from Zink about the release of their pocket sized printer for less than $100. This is an elegant and easy solution if your interest lies only in small 2 inches X 3 inches sized prints. The printer uses special Zink paper which ensures ‘inkless’ printing. Zink is also planning the release of a printer-camera hybrid which can recreate the magic of the Polaroid camera – only,it will be more colorful this time.

8. 4te Mobile Thermal Printer

4te mobile printer

This wireless portable thermal printer from O’Neil is the evolved version of the legendary 4te printer. It is ten times faster, has greater memory capacity, external charging, an optional Bluetooth facility and is very rugged when compared to its ancestor. It is for printing data and is handheld. With stored fonts, the printer supports graphics printing too and its intelligent power management system ensures that you get the best out of the batteries.

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