Portable Magnetic Bike Lights to increase the visibility at night

Riding the bike is fun, but the same experience can get exhaustive and tensed because of the absence of a light source which is most of the times missing in the design. There are many bike lights available in the market and never get a willing nod because they are not pleasant looking. Copenhagen Parts has come up with a bike light that can be easily fixed and removed when need arises.

Magnetic Bike Light

Magnets have been used to design the good looking light, which will stick to the steel frame. The company has launched two versions, namely the Randonneur and Lode. The designs work brilliantly with steel frames and switch on automatically when placed on the bicycle. On the other hand, they will switch off when removed or not in use. The basic skeleton of Randonneur with a classic finish has been fashioned out of aluminum. Lobe is available in various colors and has an outer shell in silicone rubber.

Both the versions of magnetic bike lights have been crafted using recycled materials and are small in size. The compact creations will be accompanied by a cool package that will make storing these lights very easy. They make good use of LED light, which gets powered by a battery. These Magnetic Bike Lights will increase visibility at night and that too without the need of any cumbersome fittings.

Via: Copenhagen Parts

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