Portable iPhone speaker for green geeks

Just like most people today, you too might be one of those that find your life and living space slowly but surely being overtaken by gadgets and gizmos and a gazillion other little accessories that your personal gadgets “need” like chargers, charging docks, amps, speaker docks, headphones, USB connectors and so on. Not only does all this stuff add to the clutter on your desk/nightstand, it also unfortunately adds to your carbon footprint since most of this stuff is made from plastics and needs electricity to run. This is where having plastic- and electricity-free cellphone accessories like the eco-amp really make a great case for themselves.

Portable iPhone Speaker

Created by L.A.-based eco-made, the eco-amp is a 100 percent American made product that uses recycled fibers harvested from 100 percent FSC certified post-consumer generated materials. The amplifier was conceived by the company’s co-founders Hayley Strauss and David LeGrand who envisioned it as an easy to assemble, easy to use and zero carbon footprint amp to go with most iPhone models.

Great for folks who want to reduce the e-waste in their lives and surroundings as well as folks who wear out amps faster than the average consumer, the eco-amp can be easily folded and carried around when not required unlike most other electronic amps. The eco-amp is sold for just $7.99 by the Los Angeles start up.

Via: Tree Hugger/ Eco Made

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